The year was 2006...

Two ambitious high school students in Bloomington, Indiana took their thrash metal band to victory at the battle of the bands hosted by a local all ages music venue. Little did they know that what could have been the culmination of a young band became the foundation of a phenomenom.
Although founded over a decade ago as a thrash band, founding members Khalid Stetkevych (guitar) and Alex Welp (bass) have set their sites on pushing the boundaries of rock music. With a renewed lineup featuring Andrew Welp (keyboards), Pat Hitchings (drums), and their ringleader Hayden Frasier (vocals), Siddius seeks to infuse into heavy metal a unique blend of musical influences and nuances ranging from baroque to funk and deliver a musical exeprience that leaves the audience, regardless of heavy metal acumen, hungry for more.

In the year 2016, Siddius once again saw themselves winning the battle of the bands with a performance NUVO Magazine describes as "Overkill. Complete Overkill." With their momentous stage show Siddius has firmly established themselves as the premiere rock/heavy metal act in south-central Indiana and have set their sites on the rest of the state, the country, and the world.

With the rest of the world firmly in their crosshairs, Siddius will be releasing their debut record, When Time is Time Again late December, 2016.

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